What others are saying about the Church Board Track of Church University…

Denominational Executive Rick DuBose

"When church boards are looking to be the best they can be for the pastor and the church, they need look no further than Church University and its Church Board Track. Insightful, spiritual and practical all in the same training."

Pastor and Author Mark Batterson

"The guy can think like a board member and he can think like a pastor. He understands both roles like no one else."

Bishop Walter Harvey

"I so appreciate the spirit with which Dick Hardy articulates the roles of pastor and board member. He understands the roles of pastor and board member. He understands spiritual authority and the wisdom of godly counsel. Thank you to Church University for making this board training available to our church."

John Lindell

"Dick Hardy has done it again; an outstanding and comprehensive explanation of the role of the key lay leadership group to any pastor, the church board. I highly recommend."

Board Member Danny Canton

"I love how it relates to us as board members as well as to our pastor. Concise, to-the-point and accurate on all counts of discussion. You'll be glad once you've picked up the series."

Pastor Scott Obremski

"I love what Church University does in equipping the local church. The Church Board Track inside of CU is complete, covers it all A to Z for board members and pastors. Pastors and board members need this resource."

Pastor George Westlake

"Wow! This is just flat out great stuff for any church board. I will recommend this to my pastor-friends every day of life. KUDOS to the team at Church University for creating this great Church Board Track of training!"

Board Member Alicia Taylor

"The best church board members understand their role and responsibility to walk in a significant advisory role to the lead pastor. Dick Hardy understands this and explains it well inside the Church Board Track. Thanks, Dick!"

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Pastor Rusty Railey

"I know the value of a great church board and so does Dick Hardy and the team at Church University. You’ll never regret picking up the Church Board Track. You need to get this resource yesterday!"

Pastor Fel Bagunu

"Pastors and church boards will be well-advised to walk through the detail of the Church Board Track inside Church University; workable, practical and succinct. 100% recommend."

Board Member Jack Thurman

"I have served on a great church board and can tell you our board will get even better as a result of this Church Board Track training inside Church University. I can’t recommend it high enough. Your church will benefit for this, content for sure."

Board Member Marcus Arrington

"Thank goodness I see how the board member and pastor work together in a God-honoring Biblical model of collective leadership of the church. I highly recommend your church avail yourself of the best in board training with the Church Board Track inside Church University."

Robert Cramer - Journey Church

Board Member Robert Cramer

"Although I’ve been around the church forever, this is the first time I’ve been taught the role of a board and the best practices to carry out that role."


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