It’s never been this easy to train and equip your team for success.

Online Church Worship Leadership Course for Pastors & Leaders

This course equips pastors and worship leaders to lead dynamic worship, build healthy teams, and prepare people to experience God’s presence.

Online course for Connections Ministry in Church

We help leaders clarify pathways and understand best practices to see online viewers, guests, and regular attenders increase engagement with the church.

Online Preaching Course for Pastors & Ministers

The Preaching Track helps pastors overcome the weekly grind to be more focused, more efficient, and more effective at sermon prep and delivery.

Online Course for Kids Ministry & Pastors

We help full-time, part-time, and volunteer Kids Pastors create a dynamic ministry that remains relevant to kids today even in the midst of a rapidly changing society.

Online course for Church Boards and Pastors in Ministry

The Church Board Track helps pastors and board members understand the proper responsibilities and overall best practices for church boards.

Church sound booth & audio engineer online course

The Church Audio Track provides hands-on, practical training for staff and volunteers who run sound for church worship services.